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Tolmin Castle
Gašper Rutar CC BY-SA 4.0
Overall Objective of the Project

The overall project objective is to increase the tourism appeal and visibility of the cross-border region through sustainable models that encourage the development of new innovative tourism products for the sustainable enhancement, innovative use and marketing of cultural heritage (castles, palaces, villas) and the exceptional ecotypes of planned landscapes (vineyards, gardens, parks) with the use of green technologies.

Project summary

The MerlinCV project will contribute to promoting the cross-border tourism region. In order to exploit the untapped potential of the cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage in the Italo-Slovenian cross-border area, the project will develop innovative, integrated and thematic tourism products focussing on sustainable tourism. Taking into account the environmental challenges, the project will offer relevant, European level solutions for the development of sustainable and thematic tourism; to this end, a large number of activities will aim to create new tourism products, training stakeholders with a particular focus on food and wine and typical local products. The project activities will be planned on the basis of a study or with the help of good practice in similar environments. A web and mobile platform will be created to serve as a database of the local tourist offer and to assist in planning tourism itineraries. Several pilot projects will be conducted with the aim of increasing the capacity of local tourism operators: workshops, networks, local supply communities, personalised itineraries, festivals and stories in tourism.

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